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Health Problems


The Australian Cattle Dog has recessive piebald alleles that that makes their skin and coat white and are connected to hereditary deafness, however, there might be multiple genes that are responsible for the dog’s deafness who has piebald pigment genes. A little over 2.5% of Cattle Dogs in a single study were shown to have deafness in both their ears, and almost 15% became deaf in just a single ear.

The Australian Cattle Dog is a member of the biggest dog breeds to ever get progressive retinal atrophy. It has PRCD, which is the most basic form of the disease, and it is a malady that makes the cones and rods in the eye’s retina start deteriorating later on in life, and this will cause blindness. PRCD is considered to be an autosomal recessive trait, and a dog might be the gene carrier without ever getting the condition whatsoever.

Hip dysplasia is also seen with this breed, and it happens often enough that many breeders get perform testing on on their stuck. The Cattle Dog comes with a whole motley of conditions that were inherited, and most of the conditions are uncommon. An inherited biochemical defect causes a very rare condition called hereditary pilioencephalomyelopathy. Dogs who have this condition are completely paralyzed from the first year they’re born. From a survey of 69 dogs that were still living, the most usual health conditions were blindness, false pregnancy, infertility, pyometra, arthritis, elbow dysplasia, and spondylosis. A thorough dog study at Veterinary Colleges over thiry years showed cruciate ligament tears, lameness, and fractures as the most seen conditions for the Cattle Dogs.

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