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There are lots of resources out there on the Internet to help you with all the things you’re going to have to go through in raising your Australian Cattle Dog. Check out the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America. You can see information about club activities, printed materials, lists of books, links to regional clubs, breeder referrals, and membership information. This organization actively helps with the breed’s rescue, health, and welfare. You can also see the official breed standard on the website.

Every year, there is a weeklong event in a different part of the country. The website has information about current and past events. Everyone is welcome to attend, and you can watch hundreds of Australian Cattle Dogs perform in a variety of ways like agility, obedience, rallying, herding, and comformation. This is a wonderful chance to see other Australian Cattle Dog and their owners and breeders.

There are also big websites like http://www.cattledog.com and http://www.australiancattledog.com. There are email lists on both sites. These are great places to learn about living with your Australian Cattle Dog and training them. You can also get some more details on the breed history, coat colors, and genetics at http://www.adcb.au.com.

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